Lindsey Anderson


For over sixteen years, Aaron Wolfe has been delighting the ears of anyone who is lucky enough to hear him sing.  With roots deep in R&B and pop-rock, his voice can be smooth and sultry or strong and powerful to create a unique combination of vocal traits all his own. Pairing his vocals with his guitar-playing skills produces a versatility to serenade guests with Cannon in D or rock the cocktail hour with John Mayer and Bruno Mars. Aaron draws musical inspiration from David Crowder, Kevin Max Smith, John Mayer, among others.

Aaron was the worship leader for his home church in Maryland and then for Shoreline Church in Destin before moving on to the creative development of Top Hat with his friends.

Aaron originally hails from Maryland but has lived along the Gulf Coast for 20+ years and resides in Santa Rosa Beach with his wife and two teenage daughters.