Selecting all the details for your event can be a tedious and daunting task.  We want to make that process as simple and exciting as possible.  The following options, while not your only ones, are our most common and popular choices that will help create the best fit for you. As with all of our pricing, each option includes all sound, lighting, and production equipment necessary to create your perfect atmosphere.

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Ceremony • Cocktail Hour • Reception Option

Top Hat Premier: $4,750

1 Ceremony Musician, 2 Cocktail Hour Musicians, & 5 Reception Musicians

Top Hat Premier is the ultimate live music combination and the best bang for your buck.  The Premier includes a solo instrumentalist for your ceremony, a versatile duo for the cocktail hour, and finishes off your day with a full 5-piece dance band.  Also, as with our 4-piece band, this option includes a professional sound engineer along with all required sound and lighting equipment.  From classical ceremony songs to current top 40 dance hits, every song will be performed with the highest standard of quality and authenticity.


More Options

Ceremony • Cocktail Hour Options

Our ceremony • cocktail hour options are for the couple that prefers live music for the first part of their wedding day.


OPTION 1 : $850
1 Ceremony Musician, 1 Cocktail Hour Musician

This is our most basic option.  You can select a solo instrumentalist for both the ceremony and cocktail hour.  A popular choice is solo violin or keyboard for the ceremony followed by a guitarist/vocalist for the cocktail hour.  Your personal music coordinator will help you find the perfect combination of musicians for your specific vision. 


OPTION 2 : $1,000
1 Ceremony Musician, 2 Cocktail Hour Musicians

This is a great selection for the couple that wants a nice intimate ceremony but a little more energy added to the cocktail hour.  This option lends itself nicely to a subtle, classy jazz duo or even a contemporary singer/songwriter vibe.


OPTION 3 : $1,300
2 Ceremony Musicians, 2 Cocktail Hour Musicians

This gives you not only the richer sounding cocktail hour but also allows for many more ceremony options.  This could include anything from a piano/violin instrumental duo to a guitar/keyboard duo with vocals.

Click below to hear a sample of the piano/violin instrumental duo.

Cocktail Hour • Reception Options

These options are designed for the couple that is looking for live music for the post-ceremony festivities.


OPTION 1 : $2,750
1 Cocktail Hour Musician, 3 Reception Musicians

This is ideal when you are looking for a nice ambience during cocktail hour but want to be able to include some dancing later in the night.  Typically, this option maintains simplicity while still providing an enjoyable energy as the night progresses.


OPTION 2 : $3,750
2 Cocktail Hour Musicians, 4 Reception Musicians

With this selection, the cocktail hour provides a more danceable atmosphere, while the reception brings on quite the party.  A huge benefit to this option is that a professional sound engineer is included with the reception band, adding another level of production quality.



*For private event pricing, please contact us.